About Us

Our Unique Qualities:
  • International and local: We bring together senior executives from every region and corporate division for open discussion of the most challenging management issues of our day
  • Neutral: We are unaligned to any political or private commercial interests, giving our stakeholders an enhanced level of trust and confidence in our work
  • Impactful: We have the ability to bring together the right decision-makers from business, government and civil society to find solutions at the interface of business and society
  • Innovative: We use the latest facilitation techniques to stimulate new thinking and discover new practical approaches to common challenges
“Let me very warmly thank you and your teams for the wonderful event in St. Petersburg, which was really successful, meaningful and the culmination of great team work!”


IBLF Global is an independent not-for-profit organisation with the mission to promote economic development in emerging markets by engaging with business in practical collective action projects to raise business standards and help create a culture of integrity.

We support international companies in their key markets to implement responsible business practices, build trust, reduce corruption and reputation risk whilst working to create a level playing field. 

Our focus is on initiating and facilitating action on the ground, by providing a forum and collective action support for senior executives of global companies and their local counterparts. 

From setting the agenda to convening leaders from business, government and civil society, we facilitate the necessary consensus for collective action. The forums and discussions are only the first step towards international and local companies adapting the way they operate. 
With the help of our experienced team of cross-sector facilitators, IBLF Global brings together international, national and local companies, government agencies and NGOs to make change happen. 

Our business model is a small HQ for project initiation and coordination, knowledge sharing and local capacity building, with most actual project work carried out by local partners.

Current collective action projects cover:
• Compliance/integrity training for 3rd parties/supply chains/SMEs
• Transparent and compliant public procurement procedures
• Opening public procurement to SMEs
• Business-government integrity collective action
• Support/training/mentoring for young entrepreneurs

We are active members of the Business 20 (B-20), the private sector group advising the G-20 governments on economic and industrial policy, and currently active in Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, Kyrgyz Republic and Nigeria.


IBLF Global is a registered charity, supported by companies, foundations and government agencies.
We are unaligned to any political or private commercial interests. Currently, IBLF Global is funded by governments, international development agencies and corporate foundations on a project-by-project basis. We are setting up a scheme for foundation support and corporate membership to fund our non-project business and network development and our advocacy and advisory activities. IBLF Global is a spin-off from the International Business Leaders Forum, which was an internationally acknowledged pioneer of the responsible business practices and collective action agendas for 25 years. 


IBLF Global is headquartered in London, from where we manage our projects and support global anti-corruption initiatives. We have our own branch office in Moscow, IBLF Russia, which manages our Youth Business Russia programme and other initiatives. Our work globally is focused on high risk emerging and developing markets. We currently have projects in Kyrgyzstan, Vietnam, Turkey and Nigeria where we work through local partners. We have delivered programmes in many other countries and are developing partnerships with strong local organisations in several countries.
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