Workshop: Joint Approaches for Business and Government to Fight Corruption

Workshop: Joint Approaches for business and government to fight corruption

2nd February, 2015

Following the publication of the UK Government Anti-Corruption Action Plan in December 2014, IBLF Global, in collaboration with Norton Rose Fulbright LLP, organised a Workshop to discuss the impact of the Plan and what it means for UK companies at home and abroad.
The workshop attracted the interest of companies operating in high risk sectors such as extractives, defence, construction, healthcare, financial services, and companies investing in high risk markets. It was attended by chief legal counsels, chief compliance officers and CFOs in charge of global and regional operations.

Details of the plan were put across to Creon Butler, the senior Cabinet official and other UK officials tasked with the responsibility for implementing the plan. Speakers were from some of the government’s top anti-corruption experts group, i.e. Adam Thompson, senior policy adviser, Phil Mason, FCO senior anti-corruption adviser, Ade Onitolo, deputy head from the economic diplomacy department and representatives from DFID office.

During the Workshop, guidance on specific aspects of the new plan was clarified and participants were given the opportunity to ask questions and receive feedback directly from the government.
The discussion focused on how companies can work together to counter corruption through Collective Action projects and new collaborative platforms such as the B20 - the business advocacy arm of the G20.
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