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At the end of 2014, under the guidance of anti-corruption commitments made by G20 Leaders, the G20 Anti-Corruption Working Group committed to develop an anti-corruption education toolkit for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in G20 countries, as part of the G20’s current two-year implementation plan on anti-corruption. 

B20 Task Force on Improving Transparency and Anti-corruption Task Force Recommendations 2013.
The business leaders of B20 Task Force on Transparency and Anti-corruption, headed by Andrei Bugrov, has been involved into the Final document of the G20 Summit

The 2nd edition of this series of bilingual publications to provide the latest brief on regulation and enforcement trend, best practices of a dozen leading companies on prevention, communication & detection third party compiance risks.


IBLF presents exclusive video dialogues with global business leaders (the Expert Insight series), soundbites from our events and commentary from inhouse and external experts.

Expert Insight Videos
"Socially responsible investment is not just a marginal fad, it’s a mainstream investor interest" 
“A sustainable business can be a responsible business and also a profitable business” 

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