IBLF Global provides neutral, both physical and virtual and often private meeting places for senior corporate executives tasked with ensuring responsible business practices and building trust and who are concerned with corruption in their markets. Facilitated by our specially trained moderators, our sessions encourage sharing of case histories and best practices and force difficult questions into the open, in vibrant exchanges between peers and stakeholders.  

These exchanges take place in several forms. IBLF Russia in Moscow, and our China Business Leaders Forum (CBLF) meetings in Beijing convene roundtables, workshops and seminars. These are usually free of charge, and are open not only to member companies, but to senior executives of any leading company.

Starting in February 2014, a number of companies are taking this to another step. With IBLF’s help they are preparing to organize a series of regular webinars for Chief Compliance Officers, challenged by managing compliance across borders and across cultures.

In April 2014, we will hold our regular Board Forum in Moscow. Strictly for Board members of Russian companies, this year’s session will examine “super trends” which Russian board members need to be aware of as they guide their companies management towards greater growth opportunities.

Finally our web-sites and publications are set to develop throughout 2014, making our corporate partners’ ideas and experience available to a broader local audience
Sept 13, 2013, CBLF 22nd Roundtable and Business Leaders Lunch, Beijing, China
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