Mentoring in Altai

Forum on Mentoring, Entrepreneurship and Business Growth in Altai, Russia

June 6, 2017

IBLF Russia continued its work on promoting mentoring for entrepreneurs at “Altai Growth Point-2017”, the annual youth management forum of Altai region in Russia. Mentoring for entrepreneurs is a major component of the Youth Business Russia (YBR) programme and is offered in all 10 Russian cities where YBR is present.

At the Forum, young people attended a seminar on mentoring led by IBLF Russia director, Boris Tkachenko. The session started with the participants explaining their understanding of mentoring. They defined a mentor as someone who “sets an example”, “provides an objective assessment”, “gives feedback”. There was a lively discussion about the benefits and challenges of mentoring and how it could help the young entrepreneurs in the regions of Russia, especially those starting their businesses for the first time. There was widespread enthusiasm for mentoring, which is a relatively new practice in Russia. A number of participants suggested that beneficiaries of the programme, having become successful business people in their own right, might in time be willing to mentor future generations themselves.

For more information about YBR and our mentoring programmes, visit the IBLF Russia website.
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