Managing Corruption Risk in Markets Beyond the EU

Managing Corruption Risk in Markets Beyond the EU

May 9, 2017

Brook Horowitz of IBLF Global and Robert Wilson from Exiger, presented on ‘Managing corruption risk in markets beyond the EU’ on May 9th.

These markets are among the most likely destinations of UK exports outside the EU post-Brexit and they provide growth opportunities and exposure to corrupt practices in almost equal measure. 

For UK companies, subject to strict ethical standards and needing to comply with legislation such as the UK Bribery Act, there is a bewildering array of legal and enforcement regimes. Furthermore, there are many different cultures of business based on age-old traditions and ethical norms, which are very different from our own.

Brook and Rob discuss how exporters can navigate their way through the minefield of anti-corruption legislation and protect themselves from solicitation from corrupt officials and business partners in high-growth, high-risk markets.

The presentation can be viewed and listened to here.

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