IBLF Global to Create SME Toolkit for the G20

IBLF Global to create an Anti-Corruption Toolkit for SMEs in the G20

March 16, 2015

IBLF Global was commissioned to create an international anti-corruption toolkit for SMEs in G20 countries.The proposal was approved by the UK government and was accepted by the B20 and the G20 ACWG.

At the G20 Anti-corruption Working Group, the idea was originally proposed as a collective action project.This would mean IBLF Global working in close collaboration with TEID-Turkish centre for ethics and integrity - our local partner in Turkey.
TEID will provide technical assistance, insight knowledge, and relevant expertise.

 The purpose of the Toolkit is to offer SMEs in G20 countries with practical means to strengthen their resistance to corruption and to enable them to begin to understand and implement the best international standards in their domestic business operations and internationally.

This toolkit would be accompanied by a methodology which would be the framework for transferring and adapting the Toolkit into each G20 country.

The project relies on the support and participation of the business community in determining the content, style and distribution of the Toolkit. 16th of November is the proposed date set for final completion and delivery of the toolkit.
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