IBLF Global Represents B20 at G20 meeting in Istanbul

IBLF Global attends G20 Higl Level meeting in Istanbul

September 5, 2015

 This year, the first high level anti-corruption working group meeting (ACWG) between the G20 and the B20 took place in Istanbul.
Brook Horowitz, CEO of IBLF Global, in his capacity as co-chair of the B20 Anti-corruption Task Force, represented the Task Force alongside other members of the business community. He was joined by John Brandolino, chairman of the G20 anti-corruption working group and several other anti-corruption experts, government officials and representatives from business and multilateral organisations.
The B20 delegation presented its proposals to the G20 for 2015-2016. The focus was on implementation; working jointly with the G20 governments on a number of collective action issues over this two years period.

The specific themes proposed included, public procurement, beneficial ownership, customs and SME- entrepreneurship.

IBLF Global submitted its proposal to create an Anti-corruption toolkit for SMEs in the G20 countries which was widely debated.
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