Business Associations in Turkey commit to Responsible practices

Business Associations in Turkey Commit to Promoting Responsible Practices in their Industries

April 25, 2017

IBLF Global was invited to Ankara by TEPAV to speak at the final conference of the project "Promotion of Business Ethics and Transparency of SMEs in Turkey". In December, IBLF Global organised a study visit for representatives of companies and associations to London 

From the feedback we received, the project really helped the participating business associations and companies to understand how principles of responsible business can be applied and put into practice in their specific sectors. As a result, there are moves to introduce codes of conduct in a number of industries, and to strengthen the codes in industries where they already exist.

In the presentation to the conference, we outlined there is a big opportunity for Turkey. Turkey is not ranked as high in the TI Corruption Index and the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index as many people would like it to be; but its score is about half way up the global list, and is higher than that of many countries in its immediate geographical neighbourhood and of several G20 countries.

As Turkish companies and industries continue to improve their business culture and reputation both at home and abroad, they can play an important role in sharing their experience with their business partners in the region and in the developing countries where they are actively working.

Turkey is already well-known as a bridge between Europe and Asia in geography and culture, but less well known in the area of responsible business practices and business ethics. Leveraging Turkey’s position to promote responsible business practices in their international markets could bring Turkey many benefits in the longer-term. 

Thanks to all the participants in the project and to Dr Guven Sak and his colleagues at TEPAV for the warm welcome, for organising the event and the project. Thanks also to the British Embassy in Turkey for providing the funding.

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